COVID on an island – a sad update

My recent, optimistic blog post was about the measures put in place in BVI to try and halt coronavirus in BVI.  At that date (16 April), there had been only three confirmed cases of coronavirus on BVI. Following the discovery of those cases, the Territory imposed a strict curfew, with residents (except for essential workers) forbidden from leaving their homes for any reason. As I typed out my little blog post, it seemed to me like the stringent measures might have worked and I was feeling hopeful.

But even as I finished writing out my thoughts, we heard the news that a woman had just been hospitalised with suspected corona virus. Continue reading

COVID on an island

OK, so this is a super-quick and very personal round-up of how the island where we live (Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands) is dealing with the, er, C word. I’m sorry that I have not tried to deal with the devastating effect of this virus on individuals here, or how scary this time is. I simply lack the talent to tackle those topics in a way that remotely does them justice, so I won’t try. Continue reading