How to feel like a beach babe

Spending time in London a couple of weeks ago, I saw that the shops were filled with pastel colours, summer dresses and platform sandals. This pleased me. Finally I could stop looking wistfully a faux fur jackets and cowboys boots online.  Hurrah, summer clothes have arrived!

This enthusiasm for summery stuff is recent. Until fairly recently, the beautiful first days of Spring were tinged with dread at the thought of casting off winter clothes and emerging, blinking into the unforgiving sunlight.  Like a butterfly.  A thread-veined, grey-ish white, butterfly. Continue reading

Post hurricane glossary

ON 6 SEPTEMBER 2017 HURRICANE IRMA ripped through the Eastern Caribbean leaving catastrophic damage.  It was followed by the devastating Hurricane Maria.  (I don’t know why I’m saying this as if it’s news when I’ve had mentionitis about it for nearly 6 months.)

The long-suffering friends and family of Caribbean residents might have noticed a smattering of hurricane jargon being used by their loved ones.  Here is a quick glossary for your information: Continue reading

Return to Tortola FAQs

This is a little post about what it’s like to relocate to BVI having been away for some months post-Irma.

I hesitated about writing a blog which is premised on having still having a job (when so many are jobless) and being able to go out to eat and drink (when so many have been relying on relief supplies). We talk about checking our privilege before speaking on a topic, and in this case, my privilege would take longer to check than an overweight bag at the LIAT desk in San Juan. Continue reading