Return to Tortola FAQs

This is a little post about what it’s like to relocate to BVI having been away for some months post-Irma.

I hesitated about writing a blog which is premised on having still having a job (when so many are jobless) and being able to go out to eat and drink (when so many have been relying on relief supplies). We talk about checking our privilege before speaking on a topic, and in this case, my privilege would take longer to check than an overweight bag at the LIAT desk in San Juan. Continue reading

Autumn on an island

My Instagram feed is full of fall.

Here, a picture someone has taken of their feet on a pavement strewn with autumn leaves.  There, artfully placed pumpkins tumble into frame.  Fashionistas exult that they can break out their #fallfashion outfits.


My obligatory fallen leaves post from last year

This year, I feel a bit left out for two reasons: (1) I now live on Caribbean island so autumn isn’t really a thing here, and (2) I have never had a pumpkin spice latte. Continue reading